About BVI Stronger

BVI STRONGER is dedicated to rebuilding a stronger, smarter, greener, and more sustainable BVI, BVI Stronger connects doers and donors with causes that bring positive sustainable transformation to the BVI.

Our Why

We are dedicated to building a BVI that is stronger, smarter, greener & better than before.

1. Drive Awareness

2. Bring Relief

3. Create a template for recovery

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BVI Stronger Initiative

We’re proud that the BVI has rebuilt and is once again a thriving nation. Despite the major setbacks that natural disasters cause, it’s our mission to be with the BVI every step of the way and continue to support the country for sustained revitalization. Check back for information on upcoming projects currently in the works!

You can support Aerial’s continued efforts in the BVI through our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Aerial Global Community